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Higher Education Employee Class Program in STIE Widya Persada, UWIKA Surabaya, UTS Makassar, USM Indonesia, USCND Langsa, UPRI Makassar, UPGRIS Semarang, UNU Sumbar, UNUSA, UNU Kaltim, UNU Kalbar, UNUGHA Cilacap, UNTARA, UNSUB Subang, UNKRIS Jakarta, UNISA Kuningan, UNIPI Bandung, UNIMUS Semarang, UNIJA Jakarta, UNIBA Banyuwangi, UNDARIS Ungaran, UICM Bandung, UNAKI Semarang, UMPTB Lampung, UMJ Jakarta, UM Surabaya, UM Palangkaraya, UHS Bandung, Univ. Amir Hamzah, UDB Surakarta, Universitas Cokroaminoto, UBY Boyolali, Ubudiyah Aceh, STIE Trianandra Pemuda, Universitas Thamrin, TAU Jakarta, STT Yuppentek, STT Sapta Taruna, STT Pekanbaru, STT Dr. Khez Muttaqien, STT Muhammadiyah, STTI Jakarta, STT-STIE Gempol, STT Bina Tunggal, STT Walisongo Gempol, STT Mandala Bandung, STT Duta Bangsa Bekasi, STT Bandung, STMIK MJ Jakarta, FK MH Thamrin, STIT Hidayatullah Batam, STiPSi, STIMA IMMI, ITB STIKOM Bali, STIKI Malang, STIE Widya Darma, STIE PIONEER, STIE PEMUDA Surabaya, STIENI Jakarta, STIE Mitra Indonesia, STIE IGI Jakarta, STIE Ganesha, STIE AMKOP Makassar, STIE Al-RIFAIE Malang, STIE ABI, STIE Walisongo Gempol, FE MH Thamrin, STIE GICI Business School, STIE GEMA, STEI Yogyakarta, STAI Duta Bangsa, POLNAS Denpasar, Universitas Peradaban, PELITA BANGSA, Univ. Patria Artha, UN Manado, MT JGU, MPU TANTULAR Jakarta, MPD UPGRIS, S2 UNKRIS, MM STIMAIMMI Jakarta, MM STIE IGI, MM STIE Ganesha, MM MPU TANTULAR, MIKOM FISIP UMJ, MIA FISIP UMJ, MH MPU TANTULAR, KAHURIPAN Kediri, IVET Semarang, JGU Jakarta, ITBU Jakarta, ITB-AD Jakarta, ISTA Jakarta, ISIF Cirebon, STIE Indocakti, IMWI Sukabumi, IKIP Widya Darma, I-TECH Jakarta, STIE Hidayatullah Depok, STEBI Global Mulia, FTan UMJ Jakarta, FISIP UMJ Jakarta, Universitas Faletehan, STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor, STIE Cendekia, STEBIS Bina Mandiri, Universitas Bali Dwipa, Al-Azhar Medan, IAI ABDULLAH SAID has many advantages and excellence, among others :

For employee class students who are working are not allowed to attend classes for several meetings, when students get a job related to overtime work, or work with the system replacement time, work assignments outside the city / country, with a particular mechanism.
Graduates Employee Class Program have strong ability to master the theory as well as applications, and professional skills as well as a comprehensive perspective; develop frame of mind attitude oriented professionals in solving the problem based on the flow-systems thinking; able to develop theoretical studies of current conceptual; has the ability to perform a variety of basic research and applied.
Basic competence Graduates S1, D3 and S2 Employee Class Program is to have quality and intellectual integrity; highly competitive both academically and morally; able to adjust to the changes; realize that science is always advancing and evolving; able to browse and obtain scientific information; know how and can continually learn; in deal with each problem, was able to uncover the structure and core issues and set priorities stages of completion; know and can take advantage of the usefulness of information technology; able to apply science and knowledge; competent and skilled for the field of science; able to solve problems logically, utilize data / information available; able to use these concepts to explain things that are not / less clear; able to work independently and effort; able to actively participate in the working group; able to communicate with experts in other areas of expertise and utilize their help; able to utilize effectively the resources available; able to initiate the establishment of pilot units for the field of entrepreneurship knowledge, able to follow new developments in the field of science, conduct research, or to follow the course of study at the next level.
Trusted in organizing Employee Class, because it has met two conditions Employee Class absolute implementation, namely :
  • Implementation in accordance with the norms and rules of academic (in accordance with the legislation).
  • Implementation in accordance with the demands of the workplace (curriculum, in college, class schedules, faculty, educational system, etc.).
For employee class students who work on shifts (turnover time), still can keep up with course work. Because the education system implemented in a professional manner with integrate Employee Class Program and Regular Program, so that students who work on shifts (turnover time) can follow lectures in other programs with particular mechanism.
Graduates and Students of Employee Class and Morning Regular Lecture Program have STATUS, QUALITY, ACADEMIC RIGHTS, DEGREE, and DIPLOMAS THE SAME.
Curriculum employee class program and teaching-learning process is designed in such a way to use credits system implemented professionallyl and appropriate for the employee, so that employee class students remain busy working to complete studies on time.
Employee Class students who fail a course, they will be able to repeat courses in the semester / next period (anytime) at no extra cost.
private colleges. campus location is easily accessible, using either private or public transport.
Available lodging / boarding around the private colleges campus.
Graduates S1, D3 and S2 Employee Class Program prepared a Bachelor (S1), Diploma/Associate Expert (D3) or Master (S2) in accordance with department / study program which can develop their identity with the provision of science, technology, and art, so as to resolve / solve problems and develop their knowledge.
Graduates Employee Class are also equipped with the knowledge, academic and professional ethics, ability and skills to manage a team / organization comprehensively in the field according to the field of science; ability to cooperate in teams, the ability to understand science to ethics, the ability to understand the knowledge of appropriate field of science, as well as equipped with the ability to utilize information and communication technologies for their needs.
The whole department in Employee Class, there is no state exam (similar to public universities/PTN).
Provided scholarships (no ties) for employee class students truly needyn.
Organized by the Higher Education has accredited the best but also has an extensive network in the world of work. Although the best quality, private colleges still has SOCIAL COMMITMENT. Among others, to assist students in paying the cost of education by providing tuition credit facilities without interest, so that the monthly tuition fee can be paid in installments according to the ability of prospective students.
Lecture time of Employee Class Program qualified, not saturated, not to disrupt the work schedule for those already working, and employee classstudents still have time for a vacation / break, etc.
Complete Facilities in private colleges, consisting of various laboratories (complete), studios, workshops, places of worship, sports facilities, Computer Centre, collaboration with companies / institutions / agencies, etc.
Professors (lecturers) in Employee Class Program are lecturers who are professionals in their field.
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