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Employee Class (ECP/PKK, Employee Class Program) ~ S1, D3, S2

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On the selection and new student registration applied to OSS system (One Stop Service), so quality and provide fast and best service to the public (for new students).
With the implementation of this system, then the selection system can be directly carried out simultaneously when the new student registration. Or schedule selection / interview can be determined solely by the following prospective students.
Selection / interview and registration can be directly on each colleges/PTS campus (P2K / ECP Secretariat), or can be via telephone, fax, letter (POS), or the internet.
Schedule Selection / Interview Candidate is determined solely by, or can be directly carried out simultaneously at the time of registration.
No special preparation is required to participate in the selection / interview, even better if it is just.
The results of direct interviews notified to prospective students, when completed interviews.
Selection of employee class candidate interviews conducted at the same time, Academic Interview, Financial/Finance Interview, Administration and Marketing Interviews.
Academic Interview, to determine the need / or not be given additional knowledge base, so it will be able to complete the study on time. So students do not need to be prepared specifically for the academic interview (even better what it is anyway).
Financial Interview, to determine the financial ability of prospective students, whether in paying tuition fees will be provided interest-free loan so that it can move within one's power or shall directly pay off.
Administration & Marketing Interview, to determine the ability to complete other documents, as well as plan activities for the upcoming, free time, interest in further study in private colleges, its ability to maintain the image of private universities, and so forth.
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